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Unix as an IDE

Newbies and experienced professional programmers alike appreciate the concept of the IDE, or integrated development environment. Having the primary tools necessary for organising, writing, maintaining, testing, and debugging code in an integrated application with common interfaces for all the different tools is certainly a very valuable asset. Additionally, an environment expressly designed for programming in various languages affords advantages such as autocompletion, and syntax checking and highlighting. With such tools

Let’s build an MP3 decoder (2008)

Even though MP3 is probably the single most well known file format and codec on Earth, it’s not very well understood by most programmers – for many encoders/decoders is in the class of software “other people” write, like standard libraries or operating system kernels. This article will attempt to demystify the decoder, with short top-down primers on signal processing and information theory when necessary. Additionally, a small but not full-featured

Card Proxy Generator – Generate printable game cards from JSON

Enter json data below and it will be turned into cards. The data on each card will be shown in the order it’s entered in. Fields with the key ‘title’ will be bold and larger. Fields with the key ‘flavour’ will be italic and smaller. If a field with the key ‘count’ is present it will be ignored and if it’s a number that many duplicates of the card will