Philip K. Dick’s ‘The Great C’ is coming to VR

A VR adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s short story “The Great C” is headed to the Venice Film Festival, Variety reports. First published in 1953, the story centers on a human tribe living in a post-apocalyptic world set in the future. Each year, the tribe must send a human sacrifice to a computer called the Great C that rules the world. In the VR adaptation, created by Secret Location, a woman named Clare grapples with whether to accept the tradition and let her fiancé be sacrificed or take a stand against the cruelty.


The Cloververse Re: In defense of the Cloverfield franchise

The original Cloverfield movie poster edited to include Power Rangers monsters
I want to believe

There will always be a place in my heart for the original Cloverfield film and the time I spent on dozens of different forums tracking the progress of what was “uncovered” over the months leading up to 01.18.08, and the alternate universe it would be opening. The so-called Cloververse. Each of the works created thus far are worth looking into in their own right, I mean who doesn’t have a Netflix account to watch the latest release The Cloverfield Paradox. 

There does seem to be a pattern of the films being made up of existing works that are just missing the right parts and making it into something as part of this bigger universe, but I think it’s setting up the next projects J.J. Abrams has in mind. 10 Cloverfield Lane was an excellent surprise and one that reignited my excitement for the franchise. If you haven’t seen it already, you should (it’s on Amazon and iTunes)

This isn’t to say Paradox is a great film in its own right, and it only left me wanting more of the Cloververse. Obviously this is the intended effect, but now I’m unsure of what’s next. I’ll be skeptical going into the next entry, but I’m hopeful it’ll be a step in the right direction.

The original Cloverfield is one that many considered over-hyped, but I tend to keep my expectations measured and it was exactly what it was promised to be.

I want a monster movie, I’ve wanted one for so long. I was in Japan with my son and all he wanted to do is go to toy stores. And we saw all these Godzilla toys, and I thought, we need our own monster, and not King Kong, King Kong’s adorable. I wanted something that was just insane and intense.

I think for that base conception he’s really doing well with it. Heck, I wish I had bought one of those original toys like I wanted.

There’s a moment mentioned in the article I’m appending my thoughts to where they’re in the Subway, that I think should be studied as a film director. One of my favorite moments as movie-goer, the “Hud” character is cracking wise to lead into one of the scariest moments of the film.

10 Cloverfield Lane was directed by Dan Trachtenberg, a person I’ve looked up to since I discovered a show he hosted on Revision3, The Totally Rad Show. If you’re a film/comic/video game junkie it’s worth checking out even in retrospect. They have a ton of hidden gems found that I never would have come across without.

That being said, when I saw a film he directed was the same as the next Cloververse entry, I was ecstatic and the following three months took forever to pass. When the film dropped, I watched it twice, and then a third time the next day with my girlfriend. I think it is the best out of the three so far, and sets a good tone for the rest of the franchise.

If they continue to include Trachtenberg in the future, he can take the series very far, and I think his creativity and attention to detail will set him apart. I imagine we’ll be seeing other cool projects from him aside from all of this, and I would only rate 10 Cloverfield Lane a must-see.

Cloverfield is a classic for myself, but it’s not for everyone. The first person toss-around is enough to make one dizzy if it bothers them, which is an aspect that can be polarizing and I understand. The story is okay, but I was there for Clover who made more appearances than either of the latter.

Paradox seems like it almost made a good movie on it’s own, but the story seems like some of it was spliced together and didn’t add to the world really. Character building seemed to be lacking and cookie-cutter. I’ll have to give it a second watch, but I only really liked the lead. I think she outshined most of the remaining cast, who seemed uninspired at times.

There are now three movies in the Cloverfield franchise. One is great, one is good and the third is … available for free with your Netflix subscription. I think you can figure out which is which.

The Cloverfield Paradox has sullied the reputation of the Cloverfield franchise somewhat. But it’s worth taking the time to give the first movie another chance — it deserves it — while remembering why so many people love the series. A big part of that love comes from the franchise’s approach to the movie business itself, but it’s also due to the fact that the series is still more good than bad.

The joy of being a Cloverfield fan doesn’t always come directly from the movies themselves. The original Cloverfield was marketed in part with an alternate reality game, in which fans scoured the internet for clues and shared conspiracy theories among themselves before the movie’s release.

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49ers make Jimmy Garoppolo the highest-paid player in NFL with 5-year deal

The San Francisco 49ers are all in on Jimmy Garoppolo, making the quarterback the highest-paid player in the NFL on Thursday with a five-year, $137.5 million deal, according to NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo.

Garoppolo, 26, was in the final year of his rookie contract when he was traded by the New England Patriots in October to the 49ers for a second-round draft pick. After spending time on the sideline, Garoppolo took over as a starter for the last five games of the year and led the 49ers to a 5-0 record over the span with seven touchdowns and five interceptions.


I’m not going to often post about sports here, but this is going to be seen as an even better decision in retrospect which is rare. I think Garoppolo will do really well in San Francisco with Kyle Shanahan, and was a fan of his going through college. The same can be said with Deshaun Watson and all things went as they did, and I can’t help but wonder how the Houston Texans would look if they picked Garoppolo instead of Xavier Sua’Filo in the 2nd round. Sua’Filo has been serviceable and we needed O-Line help, but I (in my truest couch-coach form) believed they had a higher quarterback need at the position after what happened with Schaub in 2012.

Why the team went into rebuild mode is anyone’s guess, the only one being they didn’t believe in most of the QBs except for Tom Savage, which I’m okay with. He seemed to have everything on the practice field which is the only way to judge a player’s skill when they’re not playing in games.

I meant for this to be a short post, but the subject can get involved when one begins explaining their following of a sport. I’m also probably trying to make time go by more quickly until we see DW4 again next season. I wish Case Keenum had made a deeper run with the Vikings, but the Eagles ultimately won in a fantastic game so good on them.